CI Integrated
Symbolic Execution

KaaS is the delivery platform for Kontrol, accessible via an API


Key Features

Secure Proof Storage Management
Efficient proof upload, download, and archiving, with advanced version management and performance optimization.
Seamless CI Integration
Easily integrate with existing CI workflows to automatically validate deployments.
Isolated Project Environments
Maintain strict separation between projects with dedicated environments, providing enhanced security.
Enhanced Remote Compute
High performance computing, optimizing concrete and symbolic execution for contract security evaluation and auditing.

Why Kontrol?

Verify Code Changes as They Happen
Ensure each CI cycle is verified before integrating new changes into the Master branch.
Archive Projects and Proofs Over Time
Monitor your project’s evolution and adapt to market changes seamlessly.
Remote Compute Eliminates Resource Limitations
Leverage optimized resources and elastic scaling for consistent, timely results.
Enterprise Service Support
Rely on our monitoring and support to swiftly address and resolve any issues.

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